Collaborative Creativity in the Classroom


This half-day course provides the tools and pedagogy to implement collaborative creativity in your classroom.

‘Collaborative creativity’ describes activities where we groups of individuals work together to arrive at original, innovative and creative solutions. This is a skill-set that is increasingly in demand, in professional, social and personal contexts. Working on creative projects with other people also requires that we think critically and communicate well – making collaborative creativity a very powerful way of building ‘21st century skills’.

The workshop aims to give you hands-on experience of a range of techniques for collaborative creativity. It also provides an understanding of how these techniques can best be deployed in a classroom context.

Ideation Techniques

Fun and effective creative thinking techniques are the foundation to collaborative creativity. They provide the basis for reaching more creative and innovative ideas.

From ‘Crazy Talk’ and ‘Illustrated World’ to ‘SCAMPER’ and ‘Steal and Improve’, this course provides a toolkit of activities and techniques to get students thinking in more creative and innovative ways.

Metacognitive Framework

Reflective creative practice will be the key to students constantly improving their own creative ability.

By providing language to talk about the creative process, models for understanding our own creativity and processes for reflecting thinking, the course equips students to be aware of and improve their own creative process.

Group-work Skills

Effective collaboration skills are increasingly critical both for learning environments, and for the modern world of work.

Beyond simply putting students into groups, this course explores how their group interaction can be scaffolded and critiques. By focusing on the social aspects of groups, students can improve their appreciation of collaborative working and contribute more effectively to groups.

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Want to learn how to get your students collaborating creatively?

This course is a full day interactive workshop for groups of 4 to 12 teachers. Generally we run the course on-site for schools who want to build the skills of a number of their teachers, but we also organise 'open' courses where we invite teachers from different schools to attend individually or in small groups.


Completing Parents as Classroom Collaborators will contribute three hours of QTC Registered PD addressing 3.3.2 and 4.1.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

Select and use relevant teaching strategies to develop
knowledge, skills, problem-solving and critical and creative

Establish and implement inclusive and positive interactions to engage and support all students in classroom activities.

Interactive, practice-based workshop format

In developing the format of the course, we wanted to create a learning environment for participants that reflected key aspects of the approach itself. In particular we built a course that is collaborative and provides opportunity for critical practice and reflection.

The course is delivered as a half-day workshop incorporating creative group-work on live problems and opportunities. Participants are encouraged to bring their own contexts and challenges - you might even walk away with some creative solutions to implement. In addition to the techniques used on the day, a range of other thinking tools are also discussed.

Modular topics and resource materials


To cover the material, the course is broken into two 90-minute blocks. Each block is made up of several topics that are complemented by reference cards specifically designed to support integrating the skills into your practice.

The first block provides an overall framework for thinking about creativity and discussing it with students; introduces and demonstrates key group-work principles; explores important skills for running successful creative 'brainstorms'; and concludes with several ideation exercises.

The second block demonstrates several more techniques that focus on evolving and improving ideas - including the SCAMPER methodology. Useful exercises for information gathering and idea selection are also run and discussed. The session concludes with a whistle-stop tour of a number of techniques that have not been demonstrated, and time for participants to plan how they wan integrate some of the session's learnings into their practice.

Course Facilitation

The 'Collaborative Creativity in the Classroom' course was developed by our training specialists at Schoolhouse, in collaboration with leading academics in the field. Each time we run the course it will be delivered by one of the course authors.




Brett Rolfe is the executive director of The Schoolhouse Centre for Progressive Education, a non-profit organisation advocating and supporting more innovative and progressive approaches to school education in Australia. He is also the chief strategy officer of award-winning creative agency Naked Communications.

Brett has trained industry professionals in creativity across organisations ranging from Network Ten to Japan’s largest advertising agency Dentsu. He developed and delivered AdSchool’s first ‘digital creativity’ course in 2008 and has been written academically on nurturing creativity in organisations.

He holds a master of communication and a master of teaching, and will be on the panel of the ‘Creativity in Education’ event at Vivid Ideas this year.

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'Collaborative Creativity in the Classroom' is an initiative of The Schoolhouse Centre for Progressive Education.
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