Professional Development Courses for Teachers


At Schoolhouse we are passionate about giving teachers the inspiration, skills and experience to bring more innovative and progressive pedagogy into their classrooms. To do this, we are developing a suite of professional development courses and materials. They are all grounded in the NSW-based BOSTES Quality Teaching Framework, but are more broadly applicable as they generally relate to key contemporary learning capabilities.

While we generally work with schools to deliver on-site training as part of professional development days we can also cater to conferences, industry events, and other functions. On occasion we do also run open sessions for individual educators to attend.

For more information on courses visit the course pages below, or emails us at


Discover the power of collaborative creativity - an engaging and effective way to build skills in creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

Provide students the skills, tools and meta-language to get the most out of working in groups. Encourage them to appreciate their own thinking processes and continuously improve their creativity through reflective practice.


From board games to card games, dice games, physical games, word games and beyond, discover how games can change the way you teach.

This course gives you the skills to find, analyse and select suitable commercial and freely available games; plan for effective integration of these games into your classroom activity; use game design as project-based learning; develop and evolve your own bespoke non-digital games; and use games as formative and summative assessment tools.


Transform your teaching by inviting parents into your classroom. This one-day BOSTES-approved course helps prepare you to engage with parents; to build collaborative relationships and mentor their classroom skills; and to take advantage of working with capable volunteers to transform your pedagogy.


Discover the power of design thinking. From identifying interesting problems to collecting interesting resources for prototyping, the session gives you useful, practical techniques. It also explores how best to introduce these techniques to children.


If you have any questions about our professional development activities, please get in touch. In addition to the courses listed above we are always working on new material, as well as developing bespoke training sessions for individual groups.